2015 Board of Directors

DSC_2004Carly Bendewald, D.C. – President

Dr. Carly Bendewald, D.C. was born and raised in the frozen tundra of North Dakota. After undergrad, Carly moved to Minneapolis where she worked her butt off to graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. She happily moved away from the snow and cold to become a Dallasite in 2008. It was then that Carly opened Bendewald Chiropractic on Upper Greenville. Carly believes that everyone should be under regular Chiropractic care and offers a Free First Visit to everyone in the DJCC. Her office focuses on helping people live their lives as optimally as possible. To achieve this, Bendewald Chiropractic is a $79/month Membership Practice, which is just as awesome as it seems! Great friends introduced Carly to the DJCC in early 2013, and her life has been better because of it. She was the 2014 VP of Membership and Board Member of the Year. Carly is proud to be the 2015 Dallas Junior Chamber President.

DSC_2057Kylie Spurgeon – Executive Vice President

Kylie Spurgeon has been involved with the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce since the summer of 2013. In 2007, Kylie graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Finance and a BS in Psychology. She is currently working for Merrill Lynch in their Wealth Management group as well as continuing her education at the University of Texas Arlington.

DSC_2128_editCharles Jones - Senior Vice President, Operations

Charles, a Pittsburgh native, moved to the Metroplex as a child and attended high school in Lewisville before moving on to Abilene Christian University. As a web developer he’s spent the last few years working on promotional and shopper marketing for clients including Pepsi, Microsoft, and 7-Eleven, and now for ADT. He began his career in print design before moving to web, and has been designing and developing for six years. Before that he was a youth minister, and before that, a student. Before that he learned to walk and to feed himself. He enjoys basketball, Steelers football, karaoke, and generally making people feel (ill) at ease.

Duane McClellan – Senior Vice President, Finance

Duane McClellan moved to Dallas after receiving a B.S./B.A in Finance from the University of Arkansas in 2010. Since graduating, Duane has worked at Briggs Equipment as a national account manager and solution implementation project manager. After volunteering at TASTE in March 2013, Duane could not wait to expand his participation with the organization. He participated as a co-chair for the Johnny Sides event and could not be more excited to be apart of the DJCC 2014 board. In his free time, Duane enjoys reading, DIY projects around his home and going to the dog park.

DSC_2036Robyn Lehrman – Senior Vice President, Membership

DSC_2106Richard L. Meister – Vice President, Business Development

Richard returned to Dallas in 2013 after a lengthy absence that took him from Texas to California, Rhode Island, the UK, and even Korea. Richard attended college at Brown University in Rhode Island before starting his career in consulting and then marketing. After earning his MBA from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, he worked in International Home Entertainment for 20th Century Fox and then as a Brand Marketer for Samsung Electronics at the corporate headquarters in South Korea. He currently provides independent brand and marketing consulting services as well as helps to manage a start-up company he co-founded. Richard enjoys movies, books, all sports (with a bias for Broncos football), and generally being social. He joined the Chamber as the Vice President of Philanthropy in the Spring of 2014 and is excited to expand the DJCC’s philanthropy footprint in the Metroplex. While life may have taken him away from Dallas, he’s glad to be home.

DSC_2086Sarah Crilley – Vice President, Communications

DSC_2100Danita Rambo – Vice President, Special Events

DSC_2053Mandi Koch - Vice President of Philanthropy

DSC_2134Sara McArthur – Vice President, Networking

DSC_2166Ponce Duran – Chair

Matt Tilley – Vice President, Financial Reporting

Peter Loudis – Vice President, Professional Development