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The Perfect Young Professional
Article I: Managing Friendships

by: Andrew A. Lenox

My job calls me to travel on a very frequent basis and as a result, careful attention must be given to managing relationships and friendships in order prevent neglecting important connections for too long. During my research about managing friendships while on the road, I came across Dunbar’s Number.

Robin Dunbar is a British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist who is a specialist in primitive behavior. He currently holds a position at Oxford University as the head of Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Groups where he conducted studies designed to measure the cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships. He proposed that humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships and individuals realized beyond 150 are merely remembered and not truly known.   Interestingly enough, one of the factors in his research was the physical size of the human brain. 

Dunbar compared groups throughout history and found that groups of 150 were generally found in situations where the group size was forced, like an army. Interestingly enough, the basic unit size in the Roman army was 150 individuals. In contrast, groups that developed naturally in a social setting were comprised of less. Dunbar found that social connections need social grooming which made developing a large productive social environment impossible. 

After reflecting on this, I realized that social media mediums, like Facebook, can be used as an instrument that forces social connections; thus, resulting in more than 150 “Facebook friends.” Most of these people we do not truly know; but rather, are friends we merely remember.

So what about these 150 real social connections? Well, Dunbar breaks them down into groups from core to casual.

Stage 1 Core (0-7) – These are the individuals are typically immediate family members and best friends who are intimately connected and sought for council on love, religion, money and other deeply personal topics.

Stage 2 Extended Core (8-24) – These are individuals who are typically extended family members, neighbors, church and other close  friends who provide necessary resources and are sought for esteem, praise, partnership, teamwork and other connections.

Stage 3 Community (25-60) – These are individuals who are connected through direct impact in one’s community including work, school and play. Since these connections are more or less communal bonds, Stage 3 connections will end once the individual ceases to be involved in the shared community and replaced.

Stage 4 Casual Acquaintance (60-150) – These individuals are loosely connected, yet have developed a sense of familiarity as a result of interacting through a specific purpose. Friends of friends, a classmate who run in different social circles, a colleague who works in a different department and an important authority figure in one’s community are a few examples.    

Through this research process, natural rules began to develop to provide guidance for friendships management. 1) Set high standards for my inner circles as they do not change often; 2) Diversify friendships among family, work, school and play communities in order to avoid becoming consumed with only one aspect of life; 3) Be honest about what stage a friend sits in and use that as a guide for establishing priorities; 4) Understand what stage you sit with friends because not being aware of mismatches can cause emotional stress.

There are friends for a season and friends for a lifetime and it is a perfectly natural part of managing connections appropriately.

A long-standing member of the Junior Chamber and 2014-15 DJCC Foundation Treasurer, Andrew Lenox, leverages his years as a management consultant in the financial services industry to discuss concepts like relationship management, budgeting, job changes, professional habits and personal presentation to better help the young professionals of Dallas achieve personal and professional growth.
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Dallas Community Fest — March 28, 2015 http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/dallas-community-fest-2015/ http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/dallas-community-fest-2015/#comments Tue, 03 Mar 2015 19:56:25 +0000 http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/?p=7303 dallas community fest 2015

On March 28th, the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce is excited to host the inaugural Dallas Community Fest with the Dallas Arkansas Young Professionals (DAYP) in order to collaborate and bring Dallas together.

If you’re a young professional, seasoned professional, or just looking for a good time, come spend the day with us. The 1st Annual Dallas Community Fest kicks off with a group bike ride followed by a fun afternoon at Community Beer Company. Come join friends, enjoy live music, food trucks, and all the hoppy goodness one’s heart desires.

Purchase Tickets: eventbrite.com/e/dallas-community-fest-tickets-15934606838

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15th Annual BEEP — March 21, 2015 http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/15th-annual-beep/ http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/15th-annual-beep/#comments Sun, 01 Mar 2015 16:21:35 +0000 http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/?p=7290 beep easter egg

Please join us for the DJCC 15th BEEP Easter Egg Hunt!

Saturday, March 21 from 10am until 2pm
SMU Meadows Museum
5900 Bishop Blvd. Dallas, TX 75205

For over a decade, the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (“DJCC”) has hosted “BEEP” as one of their signature philanthropic events. This extraordinary event allows visually-impaired children and their families the opportunity to participate in a specially designed Easter egg hunt using custom made beeping eggs. This year the DJCC will be partnering with the DJCC Foundation and Southern Methodist University’s (“SMU”) Meadows Museum in connection with the American Foundation for the Blind, and the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) in the hopes that more families can attend this amazing event and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The day includes finger foods in the Meadows Museum with activities both inside and outside. Throughout the day kids will have the chance to hunt for eggs with parents, volunteers, and siblings throughout the venue. Once found and collected, they will exchange their beeping eggs for Easter eggs filled with toys, stickers, and candy. Thanks to our wonderful partners and generous sponsors, in addition to the egg hunt, families will also find a wide range of activities to enjoy including tactile art activities, pottery making, a toy raffle, and face painting. Last, but certainly not least, don’t miss a chance to take a picture with our wonderful Easter bunny.

Volunteers and sponsors are crucial to the success of this event. If you are interested in either, please email beep@dallasjuniorchamber.com.

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February General Membership Meeting http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/2015-02-general-membership-meeting/ http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/2015-02-general-membership-meeting/#comments Wed, 11 Feb 2015 00:25:08 +0000 http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/?p=7262 Interested in learning more about the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce? The DJCC invites you to our first general membership meeting of the year! Come meet our new board, hear about our past and future events, and find out how you can get involved and make a difference.

Upcoming General Membership Meeting and Professional Development:
Date:Tuesday Feb 17th evening
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Center for Community Cooperation
Speaker: Tim Hoch

Tim Hoch is a topic-trending speaker and guest writer for The Thought Catalog: http://thoughtcatalog.com/tim-hoch/

Tim started his personal blog in 2010 from humorous life experiences that have been recognized by thousands of people who share his blog posts daily all over the world. The Thought Catalog discovered Tim’s unique posts and writing style in which they feature select articles he writes that boost his exposure. Tim has also made numerous media appearances as a trial lawyer and expert.

Topic: 12 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Future:

Popular topic among young professionals. Solid advice to encourage those that it is never TOO late to turn things around into a more productive level for your personal goals and future.

Takeaways include:
– What Millennials are unaware of that holds them back from success in today’s society
-Work life and personal life issues that can restrict them from pursuing goals
-Humorous stories from Tim’s life experience
-Ways to apply change in daily life activities RIGHT NOW

12 Ways Blog:

About Tim
Tim is a man of many talents. He is not only a trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience but also a creative writer and speaker. Tim is active in his community. He is the former Vice Chair for Catholic Charities-Fort Worth. He is on the Board of Directors for Frog Club at TCU where he is serving his second term as Membership Chair and is the past Program Chair. He is a volunteer at The Assessment Center, a shelter for abused children. He is also a volunteer at Child Advocates of Tarrant County, an organization which assists victims of child abuse through the court system. He is on the Finance Committee for Trinity Valley School.


Contact: Peter Loudis


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TASTE Chairs Q&A http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/taste-chairs-qa/ http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/taste-chairs-qa/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 20:23:31 +0000 http://dallasjuniorchamber.com/?p=7239 2015TasteHoriz

Q: Tell us what’s new for Taste in 2015?
A: This year on Saturday February 28th, we will have local artists in attendance to showcase their work. We will also use a separate ‘passport’ to get stamped when you taste wine from all over the world. There will also be a silent auction, photo booth, and more.

Q: What are you most looking forward to with our 2015 Taste event? 
A: We are most looking forward to raising money for a great cause. It is an honor to partner with the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation to present Taste this year, and provide a portion of the proceeds to American Foundation for the Blind.

Q: Tell me about the venue? Food being served? The wine? 
A:The Venue is Seven for Parties, an eclectic space located in the Design District of Dallas. The food is being catered by Wendy Krispin Catering serving light hors devours. The wine is provided by Dallas Fine Wine. We will have 18 different wines from all over the world!

Q: What separates this event from DJCC’s other Signature Events? 
A: This is the first signature event that the Dallas Junior Chamber annually hosts. It is unique in it’s own, as it is a wine-tasting held in an eclectic space. Seven for Parties is the largest venue that Taste has ever been held in. We expect record attendance.

Q: Where can people buy tickets?
A: More information can be found on the DJCC Taste website!

By: Danita Rambo, VP Special Events

Special Thanks to the Taste Event Chairs: Sarah Kelly, Kathleen DeNooyer, Kristen Schoellhorn


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